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4 Ring Circus

This is a high paced game which is sure to get everyone fired up. You will make 4 circles, preferably use hula hoops as they word great, and place them about 10 ft apart from each other. If you don't have hula hoops then you can make 4 squares out of duck tape and make each square about 3' x 3' and place them 10 ft apart from each other. Then place an object inside of each circle (or square). You can use a quarter, a poker card, or anything. I think I used a starburst the last time I played this game. You will have one person per each circle (or square). The object of the game is to steal the object from another circle and take it back and put it in your circle. The trick is that you can only get one at a time. So, in other words, you run and get the object and run and put it in your circle. You can't grab more than one object at once. The thing is, while you are grabbing other peoples objects they are also grabbing yours! The person who gets 3 object inside their circle or square first, wins! These four students will be worn out after this game. :)