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Back Words

You can have as many teams as you want but a good number is around 5. Each team has two players on it. One person on the team will be the person who is guessing while the other person is the one writing. The object of the game is for one team member to write with his finger on the back of his teammate the word that is given to them. You, as the leader, will need to come up with the same amount of words that you have teams and make sure that each word is the same in length to ensure that the difficulty is the same across all teams. Once each team member knows what their word is then you will say, "go." The person who is getting their back written on must guess each letter and once they have all of the letters then they have to shout the word. They first person to shout their word, that team wins.

This game will take about 60 seconds if you choose a 5 letter word unless you get a student who can really excel. Hope you enjoy! This can be done in a large or small group setting.