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Bigger or Better

This is an amazing game that is for sure to get your students pumped. Take any small object; for example, a toy from McDonalds or of the like. Basically it is something that is not worth much and is very small. Then you divide of the teams with equal amount of players. Really you can have as many teams as you want. It is probably best if you can limit the size of the teams to the size if the vehicle that is carrying them. For example, if you have several youth group vans then you can get several on a team but if you are allowing students to drive then you wouldn't want them to have more than four on a team as they couldn't fit in their vehicles. Especially if they are trading for stuff.

How To Play:

Tell the students that they can go to anyone's house and ask them if they will trade them something for that small object that they have that is bigger or better. They can't go to their own homes but pretty much any other home is game. You give them a time limit and have them meet back at a specific location (ex: the church or at school). Then you judge as to who has the biggest and best trade out. They can make as many trades as they want during the specified time. 1 hour has worked really well for us and we have had students come back with some cool stuff. T.V.'s (which we added to our youth room), a small boat, several couches (which we also added to our youth group) and a cat! I would recommend adding the rule that you can't take something alive! I got stuck with that dang cat for 8 years! :)