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Birdie on a Perch

All participants are asked to find a partner. After finding a partner, the facilitator should find some way of differentiating who is the "birdie" and who is the "perch".

The "perches" then form a circle and the "birdies" form a larger circle around them. When the music begins, the circles walk opposite of one another so that partners are no longer with each other the whole time period.

The facilitator then stops the music and the "birdies" and "perches" need to find their corresponding partner as fast as possible. The "perch" should get down on one knee and the "birdie" should sit on the "perch's" raised knee.

The last few pairs to find one another and assume the "birdie on a perch" position are eliminated from the game.

It is beneficial if the facilitator has helpers to call players out.