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Lick and Stick

Lick and stick is a very simple game but gets the kids going because of the "gross factor". All you need is a pack of small marshmallows. You can have as many teams as you want and have 2 or 3 on a team. The object is for one person to be the one whom the other two will "lick and stick" a marshmallow to their face. At the end of the set time (60 seconds is a good amount), have a few judges ready to count the marshmallows that are stuck to his or her face. The winner is the one with the most marshmallows.

Non-gross version: Now if you don't want to have the gross factor, you can have them did the marshmallows into a bowl of water or you can play with individuals against one another and they can lick the marshmallows themselves. This is a fun game that will get the students fired up!